Special Qualities

Special Qualities

Moya’s synergies assist in alleviating a variety of ailments and can be seen as a useful complement to modern preventative medicine. Unlike many products on the market today, Moya is vegetable oil based, thus containing no mineral oils, has no added colourants or artificial fragrances, does not diminish the skin’s natural acidic mantle and is not tested on animals.


The products have been designed with very high quality ingredients in formulations with as few ingredients as possible. Many modern skin/hair care products contain 20 or more ingredients including many preservatives and colourants. Dermatologists now believe that the greater the number of ingredients – the more likely the product will be sensitizing to the skin. International safety testing has been performed on all the Moya products. The Moya range is preservative free as far as possible. The oils and synergies are 100% paraben free.

Vegetable Based

Ingredients of vegetable origin are far more compatible with human skin than synthetic ingredients, petro-chemicals and ingredients of animal origin. Oils from natural sources such as palm kernel, Babassu Tree and almond oil are used in the products. Plant extracts (not to be confused with essential oils) of chamomile, calendula, betula alba and soapwart are produced locally under stringent pharmaceutical supervision. Aloe gel, produced in Albertinia in the Eastern Cape has proven moisturizing and soothing properties to the skin. Vegetable ingredients are also able to maintain elasticity and moisture levels in human skin.

Essential Oils

Specially selected pure essential oils have been added to the products to enhance the action and the fragrance of the product. Essential oils are highly concentrated substances extracted from various parts of aromatic plants and trees and give all the Moya products a totally natural fragrance. Due to their tiny molecular structure, essential oils applied to the skin can be absorbed into the bloodstream. They also reach the blood as a result of the aromatic molecules being inhaled. Once in the bloodstream the aromatic molecules interact with the body´s natural chemistry. Interesting fact: 1000kg of plants are used to make 2.5kg of essential oil

Fragrance Free

Synthetic fragrances are a major source of skin irritation. Furthermore, these synthetic chemicals are foreign to the body and can affect our health in many different ways. Moya products are all free from synthetic fragrance, any fragrance is the direct result of the essential oils.

Colourant Free

Synthetic colours accumulate on the skin and can cause long term sensitisation, especially in people predisposed to allergies. All Moya products are completely colourant free! Any slight colouring that the product may have is a result of the colours of the essential oils. i.e. Cape Chamomile is blue and Zinziba is yellow. This colour may change depending on harvesting of the oil.

Preservative Free

Preservatives are a major cause of skin irritation. The Moya range is preservative free as far as possible. Preservatives protect against bacteria and fungicides. Parabens (a preservative accepted in EU safety testing) are used in minute quantities in the creams and lotions to stabilise and extend the shelf life of these products, all oils and synergies are 100% preservative free. Essential oils are a natural preservative.